“There are very few actual geniuses that I have had the pleasure of knowing, yet alone working with. Richard is one of those people. What makes Richard even more unique is just how easy he is to work with considering his advanced skill set. He craves input and is amazing at decoding bizarre or vague instruction and turning it into exactly what you are looking for, or something ever more amazing than you could have ever imagined on your own.” – Barry Dodd, Director, Ragged Isle

“In our second season, Richard DeCosta joined the project to score individual episodes. deCosta’s work has helped take us to the next level, elevating the quality and increasing the emotional impact of each installment. We’re lucky to have him aboard.”- Greg Tulonen, head writer for the award-winning web series, Ragged Isle.

Mr. Richard DeCosta is an amazing producer, with super recording skills. I have worked with him as my mixing and mastering engineer on all my African CD projects. Pezzy Kudakwashe, African Gospel Rhythms

“Richard thinks in music, I’m convinced! He has one of the largest libraries of original music I’ve ever seen, and I am constantly inspired by both the quality and complexity of his material, and the ease in which he creates it.” – Dovid Muyderman, Independent Film Maker

“Richard Decosta is an amazing resource for emotionally driven music to suit any mood. I feel like I am giving away a good secret when I let others know about his talents. I wish I had enough work to keep him busy as he simply makes me look good. The day will come where none of us will be able to afford him as his talents compete with those at the top. You would be doing yourself a favor to give him a call and see what his creative mind can offer you.” – Reginald Groff, Groff DRTV