Richard deCosta’s artistic journey is a unique blend of digital innovation and musical composition, beginning with his foray into both fields at the tender age of 10 on a Commodore Vic-20. This early intersection of technology and music laid the groundwork for a career that skillfully combines orchestral tradition with the possibilities of the digital age.

His portfolio showcases a wide range of works, including “Quills & Quavers,” which breathes new life into the works of English poets with its dark, evocative compositions, and “Some Words with a Mummy,” an opera characterized by its vibrant electro swing style. Notably, Richard has also composed numerous smaller-scale orchestral pieces that highlight his gift for instrumental storytelling.

A central goal of Richard’s musical life is to produce operas enhanced by computer-generated imagery, a vision he pursues through the Turing Opera Workshop. One of the workshop’s ongoing projects, started in 2002, is “Kai, Death of Dreams.” This opera delves into themes of lucid dreaming and contact with ancient alien deities, uniquely performed in an alien language that Richard himself created.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Richard’s role as a Maine fishing guide and private pilot reflects his adventurous spirit, paralleling the innovative drive behind his musical and technological ventures.